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    I’m Vincent Orange, and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to serve the residents of the District of Columbia during the bad times, the recovery times and the good times. I had the privilege of serving as the Ward 5 Council Member for two terms from 1999 to 2007; DC Democratic National Committeeman during the Barack Obama administration from 2008 to 2014; and as the DC At-Large Council member from 2011 to 2016.

    During my elected service for DC on the DC Council under the leadership of Linda Cropp and Phil Mendelson, and working with and through Mayors Anthony Williams, Vincent Gray and Muriel Bowser’s administrations, we were able to rise from a $518 million deficit to a $2 billion dollar rainy day fund, from junk bond status to AAA bond status, and a federal control board to no federal control board.

    The true joy of this time period was the “Economic Resurgence of Washington, DC – Citizens Plan for Prosperity”. This plan included forty action items that were executed well and delivered the City from federal control to the envy of major cities.

    During my time as Councilmember, I was credited with playing a major role in jump starting economic development throughout DC, school reform and modernization including the reopening of McKinley Technology High School which won the President Barack Obama Blue Ribbon Excellence Award, recreation facility renovation and development, and securing nearly one billion dollars of contract opportunities for the District’s certified business enterprises.


    I was blessed with introducing legislation, in 2005, establishing DC Emancipation Day, April 16 of each year, as the District’s only public holiday and presenting the “Statehood or Else” speech at the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, DC.

    2016 Emancipation Day Recap


    The American Dream


    The District of Columbia is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, a depleted DC economy and rainy day fund, massive unemployment, civil unrest, police brutality, rising crime rates and the lack of a recovery commission/plan for the District, and its residents.

    I’m running for the vacant Independent At-Large Council Member seat to provide experience, leadership, delivery, passion for DC residents and families, and a balance of thought as the DC Council welcomes two first-time members, Ward 2 Brooke Pinto and Ward 4 Janesse George, to the DC Council.

    In addition, I’m seeking the Chairmanship of the DC Council Committee of Finance and Revenue and/or membership thereof.

    On May 27, 2016, the Washington Post Editorial Board stated “…. our endorsement goes to Mr. Orange based on his experience and how he has grown in the office to become a moderating force among the factions in government. A former two-term Ward 5 council member who has had an at-large seat since winning a special election in 2011, Mr. Orange has been a stalwart of school reform and a voice for small businesses. . . .”

    I’ve grown more over the past four years as President and Chief Executive Officer of the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

    PLEASE, stay on the website and learn more about Vincent Orange 2020. Learn more about Vincent Orange and his family, his 2020 agenda for DC, paid leave benefits for all DC tax-paying working residents, and ethics for elected officials.

    IN CLOSING, thank you so much for visiting with Vincent Orange 2020. I personally would like to now ask for your VOTE, SUPPORT and a DONATION to secure victory on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. These are difficult times, so please, be well, safe, healthy and blessed.


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